Posted on: May 20, 2009

Hello all! Hope my fellow bloggers are doing good! Thanks for spending some of your time reading my blog. I encourage everyone to create a blog, as you can not only write whatever you wish to, but you can also express yourself! Creating a blog is as easy as snapping your fingers. Also, its free! Blogs have helped individuals to come up in life… check this out

In this new age of information technology, not only are blogs used to inform, but to help us network with other like-minded individuals from across the globe. Below are some of the reasons, personal and professional, that should encourage you to start a blog (or continue to update the one you write):

Why blog?

1. Codify Your Thoughts: writing forces you to succinctly, accurately describe your point of view.
Blogs are short form and often contain a single serving of news, opinion, analysis or recommendation.
2. Store resources or information important to you
3. Document your personal experiences or share them with others
4. Network or meet new people
5. Share practical knowledge or skills with others
6. Bolster Your Resume A successful blogger with a considerable readership is a powerful addition to any company,
particularly one who’s seeking to build branding over the web.
7. Motivate other people to action
8. Influence the way other people think
Is blogging for everyone?
We all agree that each one of us have something to say or share with the world. Hence blogging is for everyone. Blogging is happening in every field. Check these links

Social Work:
Management Blog:
Mechanical Engg:
Electrical Engg.
VLSI Blog:
Electronics Engg.
Engineering Blog:

There are non technical blogs too where people pen their thoughts and opinions on things happening in the world.

So what are you waiting for! Start blogging!

source: Summer of Blogging, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus,


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Hey….Nice Caption!![:D] True to your spirit eh!! Try removing the “just another wordpress weblog”.I cant believe youre not ONLINE.Let me suggest a better caption “” [:D] Good luck in wi

hehe… thanks da… i don’t know how to remove that line. Nice caption, vettiboy.. we can start it… what about vettikds!

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