Posted on: May 23, 2009

It all started with the innocous looking statement from Prof. Dr. Richard FeynmanThere is more room at the bottom” which started the era of Nanotechnology.  As you read through his most celebrated speech during the Nobel Prize ceremony, he envisioned a day not so far from his time when the mankind will be taking long strides into the foray of nanotechnology. The field has grown so vast that there is a lot of specialization you can look at, each more or less equally challenging and adventurous! I thought of giving you guys a look into this wonderful field. Here’s a website (nanopaprika) you may find interesting. Also there’s a link on teaching resources put up by Prof. Hans Mikelson of Chippewa Valley Technical college which you may find resourceful.

I found the resources really good and thought I will share it with you guys. Comments are most welcome!

Richard P. Feynman

Prof. Richard Feynman


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