Arise and Awake!

Posted on: May 30, 2009

Friends, this is a video of a major campaign which happened in our country, the “Lead India” Campaign. This initiative by the Times of India was to bring out the energy of a young, vibrant and of a democratic country, India. Times of India started an ad on the front page, on 1st January, 2007, about 60 years of Independence.

Text of the ad in ToI

Before this text was printed, it was shown to Amitabh Bacchan, who was willing to read it for the ad in National television. The text above, which needs no further explanation, was the spark for a greater fire about to emerge from the people. This as was downloaded millions of times overnight, showing the overwhelming response from the public. This response spilled into the streets which inspired ToI to go for the phase 2 of their plan, which was to stop people from just blaming the politicians for the irresponsibility, but to take up the reigns of the governance. This prompted the ToI to launch another ad in their front page, which is as follows.

Second phase of Campaign

Second phase of Campaign

And the person who was willing to read it for an TV ad was none other than the Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan.  And as the time went by, many a politicians, industrialists,  and others stepped forward for the cause. A total of 8 front page ads were published by ToI. 34,000 citizens stepped forward to the ToI for the future leaders of the country. It was filtered down to 24 and to 8, by means of interviews and debates. The finalist was RK Misra, who can be pinged at his blog.

Shankar Mahadevan was roped in for the songs for Lead India, which were listentened to by people all over India. The initiative by ToI was appreciated by the then president of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Dr. Manmohan Singh. ToI plans to have this campaaign once more when the time permits.

My Views…

This is one of the good campaigns I have seen which has bought people out of their slumber. But this is not going to go anywhere if the citizens do not participate in it. For who is this campaign for? Its for us! we must follow out duties and rights and educate others about it. Only then will this campaign have some meaning to it. “जागो और जगाओ!” (Jaago aur jagaao wake up and awaken!) should be the clarion call. As Swami Vivekananda has said, “Arise, Awake, and stop not till the goal is reached“, should be there in our hearts, a determination to do, a courage to empower ourselves and the rashtrabhakti fire should never die off from our hearts.

Its time Indians have arisen to be Indians and together make the country into a booming vibrant, energitic, peaceful and democratic India. Jai Hind!


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good wrk bro!! keep it up!

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