Our future… gonna be bleak?

Posted on: June 27, 2009

Everything is going to chaos, and our earth, is losing its once boastful green cover. The quest for more has lead us to the destruction of the earth.

Some of the problems are:

1. Deforestation: this particularly happens in the developing countries which export felled trees to the developed nation, so that they can sustain their economy. This leads to mass felling of trees, which also renders the area unfit after agriculture has been practised. The greatly threatens the flora and the fauna of the surrounding areas. The forest, unfortunately doesn’t recover even after planting of new saplings.

Awareness campaigns aren’t the only way to sensitize people. Stricter laws must be enacted and enforced for us to check this menace. Trees should be planted wherever possible. We can try having a Bonsai garden in our house too!

2.Global warming: It is associated with the effluents from the automobiles and the factories. This could have been controlled, but thanks to deforrestation, the quality of the air we breathe has been dissociated. The best example is the smog in Delhi.

Pollution is to be checked by the factory. It must invest in Catalytic filters so that most of the particulate can be taken off before the smoke is let off from the chimneys. Factories refusing to install these should be closed down with immediate effect. Try using public transport as much as possible. We must start using the non-conventional sources of energy in our everyday life.

3.Population levels: Because of inadequate awareness in the public, the population has been exponentially growing (to be apt, exploding). There are people who believe in the philosophy of more hand and more work. Hence, more hands in for the same resources. The resources become scarce.

The vehicles do carry the signs “We two, ours one” or “We two, ours two” but i believe that the major part of the public doesn’t understand. Government should take more steps to highlighten people about the positive aspects of a small family.

We, as the people, are very much the part of the democratic government. We must not blame the govenment for its lapses. We must work in tandem with them to achieve what we desire. Its high time all  of us work together in making this world a better place to live!


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