Masters in Europe

Posted on: December 27, 2009

When I talk about Europe, I mean the the Europe minus the UK. I am not for the masters in UK as I don’t believe in the 1 year masters courses they offer. How can anybody finish studying theory in 9 months and complete his project in the next three months. Though they call it an intensive course, I believe it’s bull shit.

Regarding the masters in Europe, there are countries like Sweden and Finland which do not charge any tuition fees. But the Swedish Government is planning to charge a token fees from the academic year of 2011.  I haven’t done any research on the cost of living in Finland, but, as far as I know, Sweden is the cheapest place to study. There are no application charges.

Germany is one of the major hub for science and technology. Again,  there are no application charges. I consider Germany to be a top destination for students for the following reasons.

  1. The education is given a prime importance.
  2. Top class research takes place in the academia and the industry.
  3. The cultural environment is encouraging.
  4. The Government will cover the student’s insurance publicly up to the age of 30, regardless of the nationality.
  5. Low tution fees of 500Euros/semester + extra.

Netherlands is also good, but the only factor that the universities aren’t able to draw the attention of students is the fees. Unless you get a scholarship, you will have to spend heavily from your pockets. Since it comes under the Shengen visa, you can go the other countries in Europe in search of Jobs. Some of the universities charge fees for application.

Switzerland has the two best universities in the world, ETH and EPFL. Again, the fees are costly and since they are not the part of the European Union, searching for  a job outside Swiss becomes difficult.

France is also good for education, but you must learn French as you study there since some part of your thesis must be written in French.

Some of the good websites.

Erasmus Mundus Windows.

  2. Willpower
  4. Erasmus Window13

The above said windows may not exist and hence I request you all to be vigilant. Use google search!

For searching courses in Europe, please use this site.


For Netherlands


For Germany


For Sweden


studera (for application purposes) Sweden has a centralized application system)



Hope my post was informative.


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[…] Masters in Europe « Samskriti… Share and […]

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