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This is my first flute recording. Its a carnatic song, named “Syamale Meenakshi”. Its set in Sankarabharanam ragam and adi thaalam. Hope you all like it. Please leave a comment. Thank you!



Dear friends,

I found this on line and thought I could share this among you. This is the original text of what Swami Vivekananda had read during the parliament of religions. It also contains a rare photo. 🙂

Please circulate it among your friends!


Jayatu Bharatam!

A panda walked into a bar. He went up to the bar and said “I’d like a steak and kidney pie and a Coke please” so the barman took his order and the panda went to sit down. Soon a waiter brought over his meal. The panda ate it up, thanked and tipped the waiter and paid the bill.

All this seemed pretty normal until the panda pulled out a gun from the depths of his fur, pulled the trigger and BANG! shot at the waiter, but missed.

The barman came over and said “Wha.. wh.. You just tried shooting my friend!!!”

The panda calmly replied “Do you know what I am?”

“Why yes,” the barman answered. “You’re a panda.”

“Good,” the panda nodded “Now go home and look up ‘panda’ in the dictionary.” And with that, the panda walked out of the bar.

The barman was a little unsure, however he was very eager to be enlighted, so he went home to find his dictionary.

After a while, he found ‘panda’ and quickly read the definition:

PANDA:1. A black and white bear native to China. Eats shoots and leaves.