My experience with the Dutch insurance system

Posted on: April 14, 2011

It has been quite a while since I have written something in my blog, and this post isn’t about any of my happy memories!

My relationship with AON Hewitt has been quite sour. They have been pathetic, their service pathetic, to sum it up, everything of theirs has been pathetic till date. I don’t think they are gonna mend their ways in the near future.

When I read their brochure regarding their student insurance policies, I was quite fascinated with the amount of cover they provide for a reasonably good premium. It was more than a month or so after coming to Netherlands, and I had a problem with my ceramic teeth. It was coming out quite often, and my teeth under it was paining quite a lot, since the enamel has been taken away. I called up the dentist at the university, and instead of fixing an appointment, I was turned down saying that since I was not registered with them yet, I cannot be treated by the dentist. Besides, they didn’t have a slot to fit me in. Couldn’t argue with them anyway, they are not gonna listen in the first place. Next I called up the number for emergency medical assistance. They gave me a contact to a dentist, and I got the appointment with them the very same day, and got treated.


As per AON’s brochure, I am eligible to apply for dental treatments as long as they are not for cosmetic purpose. I filled up the application for claim, sent them the original bill. It was more than two weeks since I had heard from them. I called them up to ask them for the reason why there has been no response from them yet regarding my claim. To my surprise, they said that they haven’t received anything. Anyway, they asked me to send the scanned copy of the claim form and the bill to their email address. As if this problem wasn’t enough, they sent me a letter two weeks later, saying that they cannot reimburse my claim, since it was not emergency! I asked myself, “Are these guys crazy?”! Then I emailed them stating the fact why it was an emergency. I got the reply that they considered the fact and that the amount would be reimbursed.


Three weeks were over, and nothing happened. After calling them, they said that I haven’t payed my first month’s premium, and that’s the reason why I haven’t been reimbursed yet. And the policy is that a person should be reimbursed within three weeks in case of medical expenses, regardless of the pending premium. I wasn’t even told earlier, and now this was the reason. Then they said that they would do the transaction as soon as possible. I paid their premium the very day, and after a week or so later, they paid me. Something which should be done in two weeks took more than two months!


Now, out of no reason, I was charged extra during the month of Jan, for which after repeated questioning and pestering, they paid me back the extra amount taken till then. Again in the month of February, I was charged extra, and I paid them, fearing the same trouble they would cause me when it comes to medical reimbursement. This month, I get a bill from them for an earlier policy which expired last month, again overcharged!

I have written various letters to them, made quite a lot of phone calls, but no avail. Hope things turn out good in the end. All these remind me of the problems which the common man faces quite often in India.


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