Food Waste

Posted on: June 1, 2009

This is one of the best short movies I have seen.  Please take some time off to watch this one. It was a short and crisp documentary which shows how much we waste the food and also,  how many there are who would not hesitate to eat the food in the garbage. Can you believe that 25,000 people die everyday just because of hunger? This is the apathy of the current situation. Here a person collects all the leftovers for the children in his locality to eat and also for his family. What also moved me was that the guy stopped his child from eating so that they pray to god to thank him for the food they have, and they resumed their “feast”.  He is a true altruist and a true human being. There are many subtle things which can be learned from this short film. Please do watch it!

We can also do something. When there’s some function going on in your locality, in ur friend’s place or in your relative’s location, and if there’s a substantial amount of food being wasted, ask them not to dump, but donate it to some orphanage where the children would gladly have the food and the management would also be thankful for your gesture. A small step in the right direction goes a long way! Do whatever you can. Educate others about it, blog about it, do whatever you can! Each step of yours in the right path will turn you to be a better human being. 🙂


1 Response to "Food Waste"

Nice post. I hope that we can do something about this. A good 75% of India’s population does not have access to a toilet, according to an article in the Hindu. And Indians clamour and climb to great heights; India has more millionaires than any other country.

What a shame. What a crying shame.

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